5 New Year's Resolution Dishes

Here are a few yummy dishes you can make this year while staying on track with your health goals. 

1. Stuffed sweet potatoes.

This savory take on sweet potatoes doesn’t require any added sugar. The pairing of cheese and thyme with the sweet potato makes for a unique flavor combination that goes well with a variety of meat options or salads. I like using a sweet potato half as a side for dinner, or as a lunch during the work week.



3. Rice Noodle Soup 

Buy rice noodles that don’t have all the additives found in ramen noodles. To keep this dish healthy, use only one portion of noodles per person. 



2. Turkey Breakfast Skillet

This makes a great brunch or dinner. With lean meat, tomatoes, spinach, and cream cheese, this is a lo-carb, high protein dish that can help you stay on track with your 2016 health goals. I served this last time with a side of roasted radishes and carrots. 






4. Cheese Fondue

Fondue isn’t going to kill your health goals, so this is a great option for doing something a little more fun and interactive. Note the amount of vegetables served as dippers. The key is to let this be your dinner, and don’t overdo it on the bread. And don’t do a chocolate fondue after. I’m a fan of everything in moderation, so these tips are for those who need to keep more strict guidelines. If you want to do vegetables with cheese, and some fruit with chocolate, I’d say you’re totally fine, but I’d also skip out on having wine and the bread dippers.


5. Lightly Pickled Beet Salad

Fully pickled beets can be mushy; and I like crunch in my salads, so I pickle my own beets to the point where they are still crunchy. I cube the beets, and add a boiling water mixture that’s just sugar, water, vinegar, salt, and pepper. You can find a recipe online for this, but my tip is to boil the water mixture, and pour it over the raw beets, letting them sit until the liquid cools to room temperature. Then I put them in the fridge overnight. Done. No boiling the beets for an hour.

Use any salad base (arugula is my favorite for this type of salad) and add the pickled beets, halved cherry tomatoes, spiced pumpkin seeds or another salty sweet nut, and goat cheese crumbles. I make my own salad dressing by combining oil, apple cider vinegar, 1 blob of Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper.  A balsamic dressing or lemon dressing would go well with this too.