6 Reasons I'd Move To NYC

Part of me wants to move to New York, and here's why. 

1. Public Transportation

An Atlanta native, I would LOVE to have the option to get places without a car. Sitting in traffic for up to 2 hours because it sprinkled a few drops of rain on one car is awful. We all hate it. I know the trains get pretty busy in rush hour and bad weather, but at the very least you can occupy yourself reading while you wait. 

2. The Active Lifestyle

Ever since I got a Fitbit, I look at my step count daily. With an office job, I get around 2-3K steps per day if I don't exercise. That's bad. I try to target 10K steps per day which means walking or running 4-6 miles per day depending on other walking I've done. I recently traveled up to NYC for work, and without exercising I was getting 20K steps per day, easy. It's refreshing to not have to constantly be thinking about how to incorporate activity into your daily routine because it's already there when you live in NYC. 

3. The Views

Speaking of working in NYC, our new office up there is in One World Trade Center. How can you beat that?

We can see the Hudson and East River from our new office. 

We can see the Hudson and East River from our new office. 

4. Endless Dining Options

New York is home to so many famous restaurants, new restaurants, and places you never would have found except for walking around and needing to eat something. I recently checked out Mission Chinese and had a great experience (side note - this place has a Twin Peaks theme, which I've never met anyone else who has seen the show so that was pretty cool). And bagels...

5. No Kids...Yet

While there are so many cute parents walking around with a baby in a stroller, I'm not ready for kids. It's easier to make a move when you're not having to worry about your kids as well. My husband and I may well live in NYC in the future and raise kids there - who knows - but I'm still in the "let's have some adventure before we have kids" phase, and I'm trying to make it last by imagining a big move to the city. 

6. Nostalgia

Matt and I went on our honeymoon in NYC, so there's a special connection I have with the city. I wouldn't be eating fancy food and having fun all day, but I still love that the city never feels dull to me even on a routine day. 

I may never move there, but it would be an adventure!