How To Get Your Best Aero Press Results

We received an Aero Press for Christmas this past year and have enjoyed using it in combination with our French press and Nespresso machine. While I don't use the Aero Press every day or to provide coffee for a crowd, it makes one of the best single cups of coffee I've had.

Why Aero Press

Bold and Well-Balanced - What I love about the Aero Press is that you get bold flavor without the bitterness from espresso shots. The result is smooth and balanced.

Get The Best Results

Good Beans - The key to your best results is to use good beans. My two favorites right now are Batdorf & Bronson and Grassroots Coffee.

Grind Your Own Beans - You MUST buy whole beans. The beans need to be ground finely for two reasons. One, you get more flavor from the increased surface area of the beans. Two, it keeps the water from flowing too quickly through the beans which results in watery coffee. 

When To Use The Aero Press

For One Cup - The Aero Press makes a great cup of coffee. Well, one great cup of coffee. You'll have to repeat the process for each cup you want. It's worth it though. I can drink anywhere from 0-3 cups of coffee on a given morning, so I enjoy using the Aero Press when I feel like having one cup of coffee. 

At The Office - I also take it to work sometimes to use it in the office. Treating myself to a mid-morning Aero press coffee is exciting, and it gives me a small break without taking too much time, and it won't spoil my lunch. 

The Aero Press has 7 parts: Scoop, Stirring Paddle, Chamber, Filters, Filter Holder, Cap, and Plunger.

Aero Press Filter

How To Use The Aero Press

1. Place Filter In Cap




Aero Press Cap

2. Screw Cap Onto Chamber





Aero Press Chamber

3. Place Chamber On Top Of Coffee Cup





4. Add Scoops Of Coffee

I use two scoops of coffee for one cup. For a less bold cup, only use 1 scoop. For a stronger flavor, add up to 4 scoops. 


Aero Press Add Water

5. Pour In Water

You'll want the water to be almost boiling, but not too hot. I usually boil the water and then take it off the burner to cool for a minute while I work on the previous steps.

 Fill the water up to the number on the chamber that corresponds with the amount of scoops you added. So when I'm doing my usual 2 scoop Aero Press, I fill the water up to the 2 on the chamber. 

Aero Press Stirring

6. Stir For 20 Seconds

Use the paddle to stir the water with the beans for 20 seconds. This step is critical because it exposes the water to the most amount of beans as possible, giving your coffee the maximum amount of flavor without losing much heat.

Aero Press Plunger 1

7. Place The Plunger On Top Of The Chamber

Push the plunger down a bit to get a good seal. Wait another 20 seconds or so before moving onto the next step. 



Aero Press Plunger 2

8. Slowly Push Plunger Down

Slowly, slowly, slowly. I try to push it down over a 15-20 second period. Constant, steady, but slow pressure makes the difference in the Aero Press method, giving you the best flavor without any bitterness. 


9. Add Water

At this point, you'll have an "espresso" base. With 2 scoops, you'll have about half a cup filled. You can drink as is, or for a regular cup of coffee, I add water up to the top. This is another great feature of the Aero Press: you can make it as strong or weak as you prefer. 

10. Clean

The easiest way I've found to clean the Aero Press is to go straight to the trash can, unscrew the cap, plunge the compact coffee and used filter into the trash can, and then clean the parts in the sink. 

Aero Press Storage

11. Store the Aero Press

To store the Aero Press, I dry all the parts first. Then, I screw the cap onto the chamber, push the plunger down into the chamber, and place the scoop and paddle into the plunger. That way you only have to store two items.



12. Enjoy Your Finished Product